• Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur 7th Century (World Heritage Site).

  • Sixty Dome Mosque 15th Century (World Heritage Site).

  • The Sundarbans largest mangrove forest (World Heritage Site).

  • Spotted Deer in Sundarbans.

  • Sadarghat Port the Dhaka City River Front: One of the largest river terminal in the world.

  • Pink Palace: Ahsan Manzil 18th Century.

  • Tribal People.

  • Traditional Country Boat Race.

  • Golden Fiber of Bangladesh: Jute.

  • Interior of Mosque.

  • Kantaje Temple: late-medieval Hindu temple.

  • Terracotta designs.

  • Golden Temple: Buddhist Temple.

  • Armenian Church 17th Century.

logistics & Research works

We provide Research work, location hunting, Documentary film making & logistics

・THROUGH MEDIA: We provided research & coordination for more than 100 documentaries and including 3 world heritage sites, global warming issue & sea level rise, micro credit and many more interesting subjects in Bangladesh. Specially for Japanese TV broadcasting companies like NHK TV, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, TBS, FUJI TV, Nippon TV, Japanese Print Media like Asahi Daily, Yomiuri Daily, Mainichi Daily, Nikkei Daily, Japanese production houses like Group Gendai, Visual Folklore, TV Man Union, Documentary Japan, Omnibus, Nikkei Visual and many more. In Europe we worked for BBC, National Geographic, and ABC TV etc.

・Providing research assistance for Japanese Labor Organization (JILAF)

・Providing airport protocol service to a European Agency for their global clients

・Provided airport protocol service & support staffs to JICA Dhaka Office, Bangladesh

・Provided support staffs and all logistics to USA Peace Corps Bangladesh from 1999 – 2007

・Research work & logistics support for making documentary film on Sundarbans mangrove forest (local & foreign media / production house)


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Bangladesh is one of the "Next 11" countries following after BRICs. Its potential also lies on its strategic position as an India +1 and China +1 country.

Bangladesh keeps growing as a new world factory. Key industry is textile / garments industry. Many business travelers come to Bangladesh to seek new opportunities.

Bengal Tours can arrange everything for you. Hotel booking, Car Hire & Car Rental, interpreter (English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese etc), business research, meetings / factory visit appointments.

Our Services

Meetings / Factory Visits appointments

square Factory

Business travelers need the support of local experts to handle many business meetings or factory / site visits during the busy business trip. Bengal Tours has supported many business travelers from all over the world to work efficiently while they are in Bangladesh. We can also offer company / industry / regulations research in Bangladesh.

Hotel Booking

Bangladeshi hotel

We can book almost all the hotels in Bangladesh from 5 star hotels to local small hotels. When you look for any accommodation in any place, please contact us. We can work for you.

Many and various NGOs are working in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is often called as a country of developed international cooperation.

Bengal Tours can support visitors and researchers who come to Bangladesh. We can arrange study tours where people can study microfinance, microcredit, social business and development issues.

Popular NGO, Social Entrepreneurs

Grameen Bank/ Grameen Group

DR. Yunus

Grameen Bank / Grameen Group is headed by Muhammad Yunus, a famous Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Bengal Tours can arrange visits to Grameen Group like Grameen Bank, Grameen-Danone.



BRAC is one of the world's largest NGOs. BRAC does a variety of activities as well as famous microcredit. Quality handicrafts shop "Aarong" is run by BRAC and attract many national and international customers. Bengal Tours have supported many TV shootings in Bangladesh.

Recommended Tours

Grameen Bank / Grameen Group study tour


Grameen Bank / Grameen Group is headed by Muhammad Yunus, a famous Nobel Peace Prize recipient. You can get some idea about microcredit, microfinance, and social business.